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Homework Help: Help to prove this formula

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    Hello i need help to prove the formula:

    [tex] p_n =\sum_{k=2}^{2^{n}}[ |n/(1+ \pi (k))|^{1/n}] [/tex]

    where []=floor function and |x| the modulus of x...this appear in number theory to evaluate the n-th prime however i am not able to prove it....:frown: :frown: :frown:
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    So according to this formula, with n= 3, 2 is the third prime? I did not know that!
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    :rofl: Pure comedy!:rofl:
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    Though in fact, that's 2^n at the top of the summation. Even then, something's wrong, I get the third prime as being three according to the summation. Need to check again since I rushed thru it, but it doesn't look right.
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