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Homework Help: Help to writr a math poem,

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    help to writr a math poem,plz

    my math teacher asked us to write a math poem with any 5 math word (like cosine, graph,one,two,..) and in one paragraph explained in your own words how you understand the poem, i don't have enough time to think about it.and the due time is tomorrow. plz ,help me,dear every helper
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    I doubt that you can ask people here to write a math poem for you... We can help you with your homework, not do it for you.
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    heya toxic, can u help me with my HW?
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    [tex] \color{blue}\bigstar \hspace{3cm} \color{blue}\mbox{\textsf{Such is life that \underline{circles} about,}} [/tex]
    [tex] \color{blue}\bigstar \hspace{3cm} \color{blue}\mbox{\textsf{One day clarity, the next day doubt;}} [/tex]
    [tex] \color{blue}\bigstar \hspace{3cm} \color{blue}\mbox{\textsf{Like \underline{sine} waves that ever ebb and flow,}} [/tex]
    [tex] \color{blue}\bigstar \hspace{3cm} \color{blue}\mbox{\textsf{We try to \underline{maximize} what we know.}} [/tex]
    [tex] \color{blue}\bigstar \hspace{3cm} \color{blue}\mbox{\textsf{By following \underline{lines} that are straight and true,}} [/tex]
    [tex] \color{blue}\bigstar \hspace{3cm} \color{blue}\mbox{\textsf{We \underline{solve} our problems each day anew!!}} [/tex]

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    hahaha very nice.
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    one, two, Freddy's coming for you.
    three, four, better lock the door.
    five, six, grab a crucifix
    seven, eight, it's too late
    nine, ten, Freddy's back again! :eek:
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    Circle, circles circumference of circles,
    Pi times diameter, see what you get,
    Circumference of a circle in five secs.

    If you want to do diameter
    Divide circumference by pie.
    The diameter will appear,
    What an easy formulie.

    It's not quite over, just one more thing,
    Area of a circle is easy as anything.
    Find the radius and square it, then times it by pi.

    That's it, nothing else, bye bye!
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    thx,people help me to do my hw,,,,,here are
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    kiss kisss kisssssssssssss
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