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we are learning about heat engines and the 2nd law of thermodynamics...and i dont know how to relate torque to these concepts...
the question is...
a multicylinder gasoline engine in an airplane, operating at 2500rev/min, takes in energy at 7.89E3 J and exhausts 4.58E3 J for each revolution of the crankshaft.
a) how many liters of fuel does it consume in 1 hr of operation if the heat of combustion is 4.03E7 J/L
b) what is the mechanical power output of the engine? ignore friction and express the answer in horsepower
c) what is the torque exerted by the crankshaft on the load
d) what power must the exhaust and cooling system transfer out of the engine?

i know how to do A and B, but i dont know where to start for C and D... can anyone help? THanks

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figured it out

just kidding i figured it out..