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Homework Help: Help Trigonometry

  1. Aug 17, 2012 #1
    Hello Gys

    I have new question for you today... if u ready, lets begin

    http://www.mediafire.com/view/?2pp4u074ppijfbt [Broken]

    we have two triangles, the main one is the blue the secondary is the red.

    if we divide the main triangle into two triangles we will get

    The red triangle a=1.25, b=4.5 and c=4.67

    The new triangle will be a=100-1.25=98.75, 25-4.5=20.5 so c=sqrt((98.75)^2+(20.5)^2) ===> c=100.85

    Now we have two triangles
    1- a=1.25, b=4.5 and c=4.67
    2- a=98.75, b=20.5 and c=100.85

    The question is there is some thing missing because when we want to combine the two triangles again suppose we get same length's of the the main triangles ( blue triangles ).

    Any one could get the point ??

    Tnx all

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    Things are really fouled up in the drawing. From appearances, the small triangle and large triangle are similar, but it looks like the height and base of the small triangle have been switched. Assuming the base of the small triangle is really 4.5 and the height is really 1.25, the triangles are not similar, since their height-base ratios are different (1.25/4.5 ≠ 25/100).

    If the base of the small triangle happened to be 5, then the two triangles would be similar.
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