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Help using fzero function in matlab

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    Hey guys i have nonlinear equation: dy/dt = 3siny + y - 2. I got the direction field with this

    >> [T,Y] = meshgrid(-5:00.2:5, -5:0.2:5);
    >> S = (3*sin(Y))+Y-2;
    >> L = sqrt(1 + S.^2);
    >> quiver(T, Y, 1./L, S./L, 0.5), axis tight
    >> xlabel 't', ylabel 'y'
    >> title 'Direction Field for dy/dt = (3*sin(Y))+Y-2'

    NOw i need to use fzero function to find approximate values for all the equilibria of teh system. I just dont' know how to use fzero with a dif equation like this. ANy help is appreciated. thanks Also, i know the values are around 0.5 and 4.
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    The equilibrium points for an autonomous DE are the values of y such that the RHS=0. If I plot the RHS as a function of y, I get 3 zeros. I use Mathematica so can't help with matlab. Doesn't it have a help function? You know, place the cursor on the function then press the F1 key. Surely you can just treat it (RHS) as an algebraic equation in y and solve for the roots right?
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