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Help using LaTex

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    If I want to start using LaTex on the physics forum, is the best way to do it just to learn all the coding? This seems like quite a task for me (I've never learned any computer language thing). I downloaded MiKtex (LaTex software) and was hoping that it would somehow write up the proper syntax for me and I could just paste it onto here... Idk i'm not that computer savy. Is there software that will write LaTex format for me that I can download to my computer and then paste onto Physics Forums easily?
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    It's just not that hard to learn. I'm sure you could be making equations in 30 min or so if you try it.
    A few simple things:
    (1) You wrap
    Code (Text):
    [tex] [/tex]
    around the latex stuff.
    (2) the latex symbols are preceded by a backslash \, so greek letters, for example are \alpha.
    (3) ^ makes a superscript, and _ makes a subscript.
    (4) You can look at the tex code in an equation by right-clicking on it and then selecting Show Math as - tex commands
    (5) When you can't remember a command, like "what was the tex for an integral?", you just google: latex - integral and it will show you.

    So for example the tex for


    is just:
    Code (Text):
    Try it!

    Note that I wrapped CODE tags around the latex stuff you you could see what they look like - you don't want to do tht if you want latex to implement it.
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    I used to be afraid of trying to learn LaTeX so I copy-pasted all the symbols I needed by googling them.Let me just say that this was a stupid approach in retrospective.LaTeX takes a couple of days to get used to , so it's really not that hard.You just have to get started and once you're there it will just flow.
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