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Homework Help: Help,varifications of problem with rectangle loop and mass

  1. Sep 13, 2005 #1
    Hey guys, here is a problem i have with the work i have done so far. I am not sure how to factor in the torque due to the mass. I also want to make sure i am doing this correctly. THanks
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    The magnitude of the force on each wire is F1 = I*B*L down (theeta is 90) and
    F2 = mg - I*B*L down
    A. Resulting torque = I*B*L*(w/2) - (mg - I*B*L)(w/2) = I*B*L*w - mg(w/2) = 0 (for balance)
    B. Resulting torque = (I*A)*B - mg(w/2) = I*L*w*B - mg(w/2) = 0
    gives the current I = mg/2BL
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