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Homework Help: Help vehicle speed question

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    I am not too good at physics so I thought I would post here to find an answer to a question. I was recently involved in an automobile accident and was wondering if there was a formula to calculate how fast the other car was traveling at the time of impact. The details are as follows:

    Vehicle 1 (v1)was traveling left and vehicle 2 (v2) hit the right front, so v1 was traveling at 0 mph in the direction of being pushed by v2 (think of an L or a T)
    Vehicle hit (v1): 3600 lbs.
    Vehicle doing the hitting (v2): 2600 lbs.
    Distance v1 moved after impact: ~ 2 meters
    Time: ~ 1 second
    Speed after impact: 0 mph

    Thanks if you can help out.

    Equation 2 on this page http://www.accidentexpert.com/engr/skidart1-a.html [Broken] is what I am after I think, but I need to find out what Ve^2 is ... is there any way of finding this out? This would be the speed at impact.
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    There are a lot of variables unaccounted for that would be crucial to determining the mass. Probably the most important one would be the coefficient of friction of the road where the collision took place.
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    Additional details that I do have are that the width of the tires on v1 are 235mm. I am sorry that I don't know the coefficient of friction of wet asphalt. I did however find this:
    Material 1: Rubber Material 2: Asphalt (Wet) Coefficient of Friction: 0.25-0.0.75

    Anything else needed?
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