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Homework Help: Help! velocity distance question

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    a person travels by car from one city to another with different constant speeds between pair of cities, she drives for 34.2 minutes at 82.7 km/h, 11.1 min at 97.7 km/h, and 48.4 min at 39.9 km/h and spends 17.2 min eating lunch and buying gas. find the distance between initial and final cities along this route. find average speed for this trip
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    So what's the problem, and by that I mean, where are you stuck? On the first part of the problem, or the second? Please show us your work so far, so we can help you out.

    Hint: the first part of the problem is really straightforward. We know how fast she travelled and how long she travelled for at that speed, so we can easily calculate how far she went during that part of the trip.
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    Were there any directions given for the velocity? Or are you assuming that this all happens in a straight line?
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    there is no directions given for the velocity and im stuck at the first question. is this an weighted average problem?
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    For the first question just use:

    v = d / t
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