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Homework Help: Help visualizing this problem O.o Heat Prob

  1. Apr 20, 2005 #1
    Many hot-water heating systems have a reservoir tank connected directly to the pipeline, so as to allow for expansion when the water becomes hot. The heating system of a house has 52.1 m of copper pipe whose inside radius is 9.15 x 10- 3 m. When the water and pipe are heated from 24.9 to 65.4 °C, what must be the minimum volume of the reservoir tank to hold the overflow of water?

    My prob: I know the 52.1m of copper pipe and the radius should give me a volume somehow so then i can solve the problem but i got no idea what this looks like :(

    Doing this on stupid egrade thing from wiley... i already messed up one problem for hurrying (got the right answer after submitting the incorrect one :( ) so i cant mess this one up... any help would be greatly appreciated!
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