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Help w/ PhotoShop

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    I've spent hours on this and can't get it right.

    I want to pinch and stretch a box like in the image using some combination of distortions.

    I've tried Spherize, Liquify and Pinch but no combination of them will produce it accurately (I need clean lines).


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    Have you tried
    Edit, Transform, Warp yet?
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    I don't have warp. Probably because I'm running v6.0.

    But thanks. That may well be the answer, and I know people at ex-work who do have up-to-date versions.
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    Also, if you have specific curves in mind for the warp, you can have MathMap do the pixel motion for you. you can even see the effects of coordinate changes like this.
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    It doesn't have to be specific, no, it just has to be neat. i.e. not freehand lines.
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