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Help! Windows Console and Forms

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    That is what I need, Help! I have been working on a project and I can't seem to include the Form app into the Console app and vice versa. Does anyone know how one may do this?
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    You will have to provide a more specific description of your problem. What language are you using, what project are you making, what is the problem you are encountering?

    I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say read up on the Model View Controller software pattern that encourages you to separate your data computation (the model) from the presentation of that data (the view) using a controller. This way, for any program you wish to write, you can show the data you want in a Windows form, or in the console, or on a web page, or a series of LEDs if you so wish!
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    On Windows, console programs and forms programs are completely different. They require different libraries. It is possible to add libraries to a Forms project in Visual Studio so that you can also pop up the console window. But Visual Studio probably won't do this for you--you'll have to look at a console project created in VS and figure out what libraries to add to the forms project.
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