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Help with 2 dynamics problems

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    urgent help with 2 dynamics problems

    Hey guys, here are some problems i need help with bad. For 11.9 I got no idea what i am doing here. Here is 11.9:

    Here is 11.15. Here i know how to do a problem with basically a projectile shooting at an angle from the ground but not of one from an incline surface. How would i set this up different? I beleive i got to do the acceleration and velocity of each components and then find t, and then i can find d, but that incline is throwing me off. ANy help is appreciated, thanks!
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    Tom Mattson

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    Remember that the projectile doesn't care that the incline is there until it actually hits it. That means that you can find the trajectory of the particle in just the same was as you would if the incline wasn't there. Then to find where it hits you just need to find the point of intersection of a straight line and a parabola.

    When you've posted some of your own thoughts on the other problem, then I will too. But not before. :wink:
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