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Homework Help: Help with 2 Q's

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    A(g) ----> 2B(g) + C(g)

    When 1.00mol of A is placed in a 4.00L container at temp t, the conventration of C at equilibrium is 0.050mol/L. What is the equilibrium constant for the reaction at temperature t?

    Also have to Calculate the K(sp) for each of the salts whose solubility is lsited below...
    a) CaSO4 = 3.3 * 10tothe-3mol/L
    b) MgF2 = 2.7 * 10tothe-3mol/L

    Thanks everyone.
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    [tex]K=\frac{^2[C]}{[A]} = \frac{[2x]^2[x]}{[.25M-x]} [/tex]

    I'm not quite sure if the "2x" component is valid.

    Once again, write out the actual Ksp equation for solubility and understand that each of the solubility values given are in term of the concentration when the solution is saturated with the compound, I believe it actually refers to the compound itself. If so, then you'll need to deduce the molarity of the each of the ionic components simply by using the formula. Multiply these two molarity components (using the proper exponents) to find Ksp.
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