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Homework Help: Help with 3-to-6 decoder

  1. Sep 20, 2009 #1
    a 3-to 6 binary decoder has an enable signal.When disabled or invalid code is applied to the decoder ,the decoder will output zeros.When enabled,input codes from 000 to 101 are decoded.Draw the block diagram of 3-to-6 decoder and define its behaviour using a truth table.

    may i know how to do this question ?
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    When you say binary decoder do you mean the logic to light up a 7-bar digit display or something else?
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    Start by writing down the truth table. You are given 3 inputs and the enable, and you have 6 outputs. A 3-to-6 decoder will assert one of its 6 outputs based on what the input code is. So for example, when the input code is 101, the last output is asserted and no other ones are. Label your 6 output lines from 0 to 5.
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    All of these sorts of problems will follow the same steps:

    1) Write out the complete truth table
    2) Transfer the truth table to a Karnaugh map
    3) Find the minimal set of terms which cover the K-map or its complement

    - Warren
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