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Help with 3axis Helmholtz Coil

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    First of all, hello to all of you.

    My question is, I want to simulate 3-axis Helholtz Coil in Maxwell 3d. I made some models of it, but I am not sure I got all right - especially ration of coils in x-y-z and their current excitation.

    Second, i'd like to see H field, or B field plot if some of you has it, as I am not sure if mine is alright.

    thanks in advance, and I hope this topic will get to live!
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    Can you show us what you have so far? Are the coils excited with DC or AC currents? Can you say what you are going to use the 3-D steerable magnetic field for? How large are the coils going to be, and how high will the field be? How large is the volume that you want to fill with the magnetic field from the 3 pairs of coils?
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