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Homework Help: Help with 4 problems

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    I need help with these four problems

    Problem 4a: A Physics book is moved once around the perimeter of the table of dimensions 1 m by 3 m.
    If the book ends up at its initial postion, what is the magnitude of its displacement?

    Problem 4b: (Refer to Problem 4a) What is the distance traveled?

    Refer to Attached Image for rest of the problems


    Thanks for your'll assistance
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    Well, for question 1 and 2, just listen to what you asked yourself...

    1)displacement = change in distance from initial placement. So, if it ended up where it started, there is no displacement.

    2)find the perimeter of the table.

    Paden Roder
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    I strongly recommend that you look up the meanings of all words in problems until you are absolutely certain that you know what they mean. Certainly you could have found "displacement" in the index of your book. If you had realized what it meant, the problem would have been trivial.
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