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Help with a chemical solution

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    I quote from a paper: "...a solution of CuSO4 (1 mM) and NaAsc (2 mM) in 10 mM Tris buffer with 20% DMSO".

    Does the molarities refer to the 80% volume of the Tris buffer or of the total volume (80% v Tris + 20% v DMSO)? For example, if I want to make 100 mL solution, I have to add 80 mL of 10 mM Tris buffer, or 80 mL of 12.5 mM Tris buffer (which is 10 mM in 100 mL).

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    No idea. I would give concentrations in regard to the total volume, but I agree it can be confusing.

    Why don't you try to contact paper authors?
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