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Help with a Chemistry Problem Please!

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    I need to work out how many mg/l of Sodium Hypochlorite there are in a 3% Solution

    Any help (inc workings) would be greatly appreciated!


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    This goes in the Homework Problems section.
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    Is this for a commercially manufactured solution? Sodium hypochlorite decomposes and may yield sodium chloride as it decomposes, or maybe there is sodium chloride and also sodium hydroxide as a result of the manufacturing conditions. Note, the solution needs to be alkaline otherwise will decompose very quickly into chlorine. You can calculate for yourself the formula weight of NaClO and you may need the density or specific gravity of the solution, which you should measure yourself.

    Basicly what I only meant to say was, you calculate the formula weight of the compound, and you also need to have a measurement of the specific gravity or density; then you can calculate what you asked.
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    3% solution is diluted enough so that you may - as a first approximation - safely assume its density is that of water.

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