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Help with a Clapp oscillator

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    My last attempt at building a simple oscillator did not go so well. After doing research on harmonic electronic oscillators, I finally came across one that seemed relatively simple (not a whole lot of parts) and that had an easily computed resonance frequency, the Clapp oscillator. I have encountered two problems. Fist, all diagrams I've found of Clapp oscillators don't have much more detail than the following I found on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clapp_oscillator which says that it has no direct-current biasing network shown. What should this added network look like? My other problem (or rather question) has to do with the transistor used. It appears to be some sort of field-effect transistor. Can another kind of transistor be used, like a 2N2222?

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    I googled Clapp Oscillator and the first thing I saw was an image of a transistor based Clapp with details of component values for any chosen frequency and the power supply. What more could you want?
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    Can you provide a link to this image; I have done multiple searches on multiple search engines and I didn't see anything that seemed to fit that description.
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    What frequency are you interested in?

    Here's a Clapp BJT: http://technosains.com/ClappOscillator.htm

    Apparently the Clapp also has a facebook page. Facebook is not currently working with my browser, so I can't view it. (I'd insert a glum Smiley here, but Smileys aren't working with my browser, either.) I'll try to guess one: :frown:

    Here's the unconfirmed facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Clapp-oscillator/133121960056596
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