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Help with a FORTRAN program

  1. Sep 20, 2009 #1
    I am an newbie programmer and I need some help with modifying a code in fortran. This program is supposed to skip the first two lines and the last line of the sample data and then extract only the date from the date column and write it to and output text file. The program I have now manages to skip the first two lines but I cannot seem to figure out how to skip the last line. Any help would be appreciated. As I indicated I have very little programming experience. Thanks.


    Date Data
    mm/dd/yyyy units
    01/01/0001 3.08E+02
    01/02/0001 9.50E+01
    01/03/0001 5.80E+01
    01/04/0001 4.60E+01
    01/05/0001 3.90E+01
    01/06/0001 3.30E+01
    01/07/0001 3.00E+01
    01/08/0001 2.90E+01
    01/09/0001 2.70E+01
    01/10/0001 2.50E+01
    Total 6.90E+02

    Program edate
    implicit none
    character*10 eDate
    integer x,y
    integer lntop
    integer lnend

    lnend = 12
    lntop = 2

    open(unit=5, file="datafllow.txt")

    do x=1,lntop

    do y=1,lnend
    read(5,1010) eDate
    write(6,1020) eDate


    1000 format(1x)
    1010 format(a10)
    1020 format (a10)
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