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Homework Help: Help with a homework question

  1. Jul 17, 2007 #1
    Friction provides the centripetal force necessary for a car to reval around a circular flat racetrack. What ios the maximum speed at which a car can travel safely around a track of radius 80m if the coefficient of friction between the tyres and road is 0.3?

    I really have no idea how to attempt this question...
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    Do you know how to calculate the "centrifugal force" on the car? The friction force, equal to 0.3 times the weight of the car, must be equal to that.
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    well the centrifugal force is just equal but opposite to the centripetal force
    which i don't know...and i dont know the MASS of the car and thus cant calculate the weight
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    A common thing for people who are just starting physics is to forget that, often times, mass is irrelevant to finding a solution.

    The centrifugal forces must equal friction, correct? What do you do when two equations equal each other?

    Whenever I get stuck, I like to just starting writing off my known equations:

    [tex]\Sigma F_c = m\frac{v^2_t}{r}[/tex]

    [tex]F_f = \mu m g[/tex]
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