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I Help with a math part

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    i read a quantum mechanics part and found a part of mathematics that i am not a familiar with it so i need a help how to get the equation at the bottom of the attached photo (the mathematics of applying variational method )

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    Hello mody2

    The one numbered (2) ? Or the one ending in ##\sqrt\alpha## ?
    Starting from where ?
    What makes you use the term 'variational method' ? Any context ? Where was it mentioned before ?
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    i want second equation that ended by root of alpha
    starting by just following the sequence given at the photo

    that was mentioned here
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    I mean where, at what point, at what level, do I have to start ? Do you have any experience at all with a QM course, the hydrogen atom wave functions, the ##Y_{lm}## ? If they are not the 'usual spherical harmonics' to you, I suggest you take a QM textbook and see how far you can come.

    Where, exactly, do you get stuck when you work out this <H> ? Show your steps in detail and someone will help you put the last pieces of the puzzle together. Starting from 1+1=2 is really too tedious.
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