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Help with a motivation letter

  1. May 18, 2015 #1
    I have just finished writing my motivation letter and I would be glad if you could check it. Please, make your correction, comments, advice. I want to make my letter good as much as possible! Thank you!

    Motivation letter:

    I am writing to apply for PhD program “…” at the … Institute. My main aim is to become a PhD in plasma physics.

    I started my academic career with the study of applied plasma physics as my majors at … University. Since their research into fusion devices and processes, was the most interesting area of study for me, the topics of my bachelor’s and master’s theses were connected with modelling the neutron radiation effect on the first mirrors in the fusion reactor ITER. While doing my Master’s degree, I became acquainted with the basics of fusion devices.

    By donating my time as a group leader at University, I came to understand how one's emotions, especially enthusiasm, could motivate others. As the leader, my task was to help in the organization of educational process in my group, representation of its interests and individual work with students regarding the curriculum. I learned to work in a team and make decisions not only for myself but for my group too. In 2012 I graduated with a Master of Science degree among the top five percent of the students.

    At the moment, the area of my research is a diagnostics (diagnosis? diagnostic is an adjective. - fixed) of the plasma in a stellarator- heliotron … using Langmuir probes. Taking into account that the research area of my master’s thesis and these current investigations are very different, it took me only three months to learn the basics of this field of plasma physics. The main objective of my research is to measure the main peripheral plasma parameters, investigate SOL plasma turbulence and the effect of the RF plasma creating and heating on the plasma behaviour.
    Despite the fact that this is experimental work, I apply my theoretical knowledge of wave propagation in plasma to analyse the results. For data processing, I have developed a program code with a graphical interface in the Matlab development environment, which reduced the processing time by twenty fold. During the year, this code has been improved with new data processing methods and almost fully automated. Knowledge of the Matlab was useful for me not only at work in my laboratory, but for my Institute at all. I proposed and implemented a data acquisition system for the institution. Work in the science involves not only using of the available resources, but also searching for alternatives. Thus, in the laboratory, where I work, I have initiated an improvement of the old measurement system and developing a new one.

    During my work at the Institute, I was the only person who participated three times in the “some event” from myCountry, where under time pressure and strong workload, relevant results were obtained. In addition, I have presented several papers at conferences, including international ones.

    In the future, my goal is to continue working in the field of plasma physics, expanding my knowledge of plasma confinement, theory of particle transport in the edge plasma and plasma diagnostics.

    Based on the above, I would like to describe myself as a human who has an ability of self-learning and finding solutions in critical situations, working in a group and organizing its activities. Having substantial knowledge and experience in the field of plasma physics, I am confident that I will be suitable for your research team.
    Thank you for considering my application and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours faithfully, Andrii FamilyName
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