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Help with a motor as a dynamo

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    I understand that essentially a dynamo is the inverse of a motor however I was wondering if I could have a little more detail on the subject, how exactly can you convert a motor to a dynamo? Is it as simple as turning the motor and wiring it up to an output to create the current or do you need to wire the motor differently?

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    Depending upon the motor, yes. Permanent magnet motors such as would be used in a power window in a vehicle would work this way.
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    I assume then as long as the magnet is permanent the type of motor does not matter? (I.e brushed or brushless or in-runner vs out-runner motor)

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    No. It would need to be a brushed type motor. I don't think brushless motors even have magnets. I have no experience with them other than AC induction motors and I suspect most DC brushless motors are in fact induction motors with a variable frequency drive incorporated. A little googling should turn up many results on basic motor operation.
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    David Lewis

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    You will probably have to advance the commutator timing in generator mode to prevent wear and inefficiency.
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