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Help With A problem

  1. Nov 14, 2007 #1
    Hello, this is my first post in these forums, hopefully it proves to be helpful. I recently just took my 4th exam in my ChE 2011 Process Analysis class. I didn't do good on it at all. The good news is, the professor is giving us a chance to get some extra credit.

    For Extra Credit:
    Consider problem No. 3.2. There is an effort in this problem. What is it? How can you find the correct solution?

    Find the fraction vapor and *liquid and the composition of each stream.
    * Here I assume he means the vapor and liquid composition, the way I typed it is how it appeared on the test.

    Info for the problem:
    A feed stream containing 22 mole% methanol and 78 mole % water is brought to equilibrium at 75 deg C and 760 mm Hg. The feed flowrate is 100lb-mole/hr.
    Km=1.49=Xm/Ym, Kw=.38=Xw/Yw

    This is about all that is given, the only other thing is a diagram with a system containing a feed stream and then an exit liquid and exit vapor stream.

    I have struggled with this class all semester and still have yet to understand it. My professor isn't that great of a teacher. The book we are learning out of is Material Balances For Chemical Engineers by Ramon L. Cerro if that helps, this is Chapter 5 material.

    Any help or input anyone can offer is more than I can say my professor has given and would be appreciated more than you can imagine.

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  3. Nov 15, 2007 #2
    There is a correction apparently which helps a little...Instead of effort, he meant to type error. Maybe this will give someone and idea. I'm at a loss.
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