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In summary, you would need to be more specific about what you want before beginning to look for resources.
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I want to build a robotic suit for human body, that will open and close accepting the human body

are there any online shops that I can buy stuff to build it?

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You'd need to be more specific about what you want. You want to buy "stuff" online, and the last time I looked there's a lot of "stuff" available online.

Besides, a robot is a big project. Maybe you'd start by talking about what you're wanting to build first.
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I'd first warn you that robotic parts are pricey to begin with for small builds. The sort of equipment you'd need to put together some kind of exoskeleton would cost easily as much as a luxury car, and I'd point out that university researchers and DARPA are only just now figuring out how to even create things like that, never mind the 7 and 8 figure budgets such groups have to throw at such projects. This isn't the sort of thing where we can simply give you step-by-step detailed instructions, if we were able to we'd be out flying around in our Iron Man suits rather than chattering away on an internet forum. Besides, even if we could, we'd be depriving you of the learning experience.

Maybe aim a little lower? There's nothing wrong with starting small and low-cost, that's how you learn. Maybe someday, if you decide to put serious effort into learning robotics, you can pursue education and ultimately join a research team and work on something like this. But for now, maybe let's start with things like making a servo motor turn or programming an Arduino and take baby steps towards becoming a real world Tony Stark or Samus Aran.

Sparkfun Electronics and Adafruit industries are good places to look for hobbyist parts. To source basic components like resistors or capacitors, Digikey and Mouser are a little better for that sort of thing. If there's something like American Science and Surplus near you you might be able to get decent deals, and I would use hobby shops only as a last resort. But I would strongly advise you to read about electronics and robotics first, get yourself a copy of Practical Electronics for Inventors (Scherz and Monk) and have a look at some Instructables projects to get an understanding of what such things typically entail.
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You need to find the next level of science & technologies not this current stuff we've found in the last few generations.

Remember... the world was once flat.
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can you explain the trade off of getting funding from a government agency like DARPA and having them own everything you do/discover vs building your own project and keeping ownership of your discoveries?
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no I cannot explain it, can you? I am interested