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Help with a Thesis

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    I all, new to this forum and just looking for a bit of help in my final year thesis.
    I have built a model chimney and using a gas torch to represent a fire. I would like to know is there any way i would be able to get the flow rate of the air going through the model flue (alimumin duct). It is one meter in lenght . Thanks
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    diar1000, Welcome to Physics Forums!

    When I was young my family lived in a home with a fireplace in the living room. Before lighting the fire, my father crumpled up a few newspaper sheets and jammed them up in the chimney flue. We first lighted that paper to start the updraft, then the main fire materials. As a result, our living room never filled with smoke.

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    This isnt really an answer to your question im just interested. What is your thesis on?
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    Its on a chimney heat recovery unit. i have produced a modle one with a coil exchanger wrapped about the flue of a chimney and using gravity flow ive manged to raise temperture in a 10 litre tank by 15 by only using a bunson burner.
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