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Help with a VERY general Engineering degree

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    Engineering, of whatever field, tends to have a course which is predetermined, and there isnt much room for electives, or a minor.
    I also understand, that Engineering (generally speaking) is mostly applications of Physics and Math.
    That said, I was wondering, could I "create" my own general Engineering degree, by emulating the Eng course, by taking Physics as my major, and using all or most of my electives to cover (or cover close enough) that which is studied with Engineering?
    The main reason I am interested in this is because although I love physics, I would like to get into engineering, without having to specialize in any one particular Engineering field.
    Thanks alot
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    I'm guessing (mostly from your saying 'math') that you are in the US.

    Some Universities do offer a broad engineering major (such as Northwestern & Penn State's "Engg. Science" program, which is offered by the School of Engg.) while most universities offer an Engineering Physics Major (which is more like Applied Physics).
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