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Help with an absorption drying tower

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    Can I just say that any one willing to offer help I will pay them £20+ an hours for their time, I could only really see this happening over msn real time chat though, but I will publish findings on this site.

    I am studying chemical engineering and am having trouble with a problem, I am only looking for help and guidance not for someone to give me answer or do it for me, hence me not giving any actual data.

    I have to design an absorption column which removes water from a gas stream using an acid. All I have to go off is the components of the gas in and out, and liquid in and out, I have to design a whole tower from this data, but I am finding it hard to start off with, and the lectures I have spoke to are very hard to communicate with and seem to be reluctant to help.

    I am sure that once I know the equilibrium data that I can work out the rest, I am especially finding it hard as many of the asumptions I have to make are completely off, I have a good understanding of the unit but lack understanding of film theory's.

    If you think you could help please post me back with contact info, or if you would be willing to chat over msn that would be great, and I am willing to pay if you are sort of time, or a busy person, or we could communicate over this web site so that other people in the same situation can be helped.

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