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Help with Ansoft Maxwell please.

  1. Mar 2, 2010 #1

    Ive recently started working with Ansoft-Maxwell program and ive been following the tutorial mostly but one thing I can figure out is how do I tell the program which part I want stationed and which part I want to turn or be turned by magnets etc."Say in a Motor"
    I also cant seem to figure out if this program would actually be able to simulate 2 magnets pushing each other or pulling each other.
    Like say I have a Shaft "normal pole" that runs through a disc.The Shafts suppose to be stationed as the disc is getting pushed and pulled by electromagnets.At the moment I cant even get it to turn never mind tell it which part it has to turn.
    Im on a steep learning curve here.
    Anyway if anyone knows how to please tell me.

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