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Homework Help: Help with atomic radius'

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    im just doing a lab right now on atomic radius' and theres one question that asks, Would the transition elements follow the same trend that the maingroup elements follow for their atomic radius'?

    i guessing yes, but im not too confident with my answer.

    anyone have any idea or know of resources to get information on this?

    any help would be appreciated, thanks.

    - Tu
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    First guess,based on own logic:"Though it's one of their inner shells (either 3,4,5 or 6d) that get's filled,i would say that it should increase with Z".

    Advice for you:Take a periodic table and search for mean atomic radii...This is experimental physics and own logic (in particular,mine) could be faulty...Especially when the equations that would account for the correct result (the one predicted by experiment) are impossible to solve...

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    thanks alot daniel, i appreciate it

    - Tu
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