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Help with awk command please

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    I have about 8000 files in a directory all having names like

    Now I need to do 2 things:

    1. I found out that I donot actually need the data from the files whose names are above 'file003000.txt'. So I want to delete the 5000 files from 'file003001.txt' through 'file008000.txt' using awk. (I donot know how to do this part) I will then take the values of column 3 of each of the remaining files if column 1 == 20 and put these in 'select.txt' file (I know how to do this part).

    2. I believe it is possible (but I am not being able to do it) even without deleting those 5000 files to write an awk command that will only take files which has values less than / equal to 'file003000.txt' and do the latter part on them i.e. taking the values of column 3 of each file if column 1 == 20 and put these in 'select.txt' file. In other words it is something like if VARIABLE<=3000 in 'file00VARIABLE.txt' consider it otherwise ignore it.

    How can I do both of the above using awk (one liner preferred than scripts).
    Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you.
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    D H

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    Why use awk? Just use the command line. In csh/tcsh,
    rm file00[3-8]???.txt

    Don't use awk to do the filtering that is easier done at the shell level.
    awk -f script.awk file00[0-2]???.txt
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