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Homework Help: Help with biology quotes

  1. Aug 29, 2015 #1
    I'm sorry for posting this here as it is only partially science related but I tried yahoo answers already and received no help due to the science related material in it. I have an assignment is for both biology and english this year (my school like to make commbination assignments for whatever classes you might take at the same time).

    I have to analyze this quote (amoong others) from Bill Nye's book Undeniable: The Science of Evolution and Creation. I'm supposed to write a single paragraph analyzing why it is significant for theme, language, illustration of character, humor, etc.

    "Many people who are troubled by evolution want to suppress teaching the whole concept of descent though natural selection in schools. Others try to push it aside or dilute it by casting doubt on the established science that supports it. State education standards allow the teaching of fictitious alternatives to evolution in Texas, Louisiana, and Tennessee."

    I know this isn't really science homework I need help with but someone please help just give me some ideas, I did all the other quotes but I'm stuck on this one. Please don't take my question down.

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    Is there a significant "theme" in the quotation?
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