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Help With Bootup Problems

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    I have a P3 Aeopen Motherboard model "MX36LE" with 733MGHZ processor and 8GBHDD installed WIN 98. It hapened that my computer shutdown when running in a normal mode. The thing is when i tried to switch on after the first shutdown, it displayed the error "cmos checksum error-default leaded" and then onother error massage "No 80 channel IDE/ATA cable installed" I tried second time and it loaded windows perfectly but after a long run it shutdown again and this time i wasn't able to boot up at all. I tried many times but it doesn't work.Everything is connected to the motherboard pafectly including all cables and cards also cmos battery is a new one. Any help with this i will i be very very apriciate to get out of this mess please help me i am starck!!!
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    What do you mean by can't boot up? What can you pass (memory check, windows boot screen)?

    Have you tried to update the bios?
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    I haven't tried to update bios at all ! If i do try to update bios will it work? When i say i can't boot up i mean i can't pass memory.I can't even hear the boot up tone from the speaker.The strange thing is the the cpu fan and the power supply are running but the screen is compleately off. Do you have any suggestion of what I can do,I appreciate your help.
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    Did you make any changes to the system, hardware or software, prior to the problem starting?

    Have you noticed any other hints that the computer was going to quit on you prior to the problem starting?

    Can you start in safe mode? Can you use a select start to see what is hanging?
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    Try to take out all unnecessary cards like sound and network. Also take out the unnecessary ide devices like the cdroms. All you should have is a keyboard, a video card and a floppy hooked up. Make sure you have the ribbion connected correctly to the floppy by having the red colored side match pin 1. If that still doesn't work, try finding an alternate video card that you know works. If that still doesn't work you might have a busted motherboard.

    If you can get it to boot again, try updating the bios and see if that helps the situation
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    I did follow all the instruction which you gave to me. Thanks for all of your good and quick reponce especially Dduardo(technology mentor)! I just found out that i have been using a bad power supply which lead to the motheboard failure. I will try to change a power supply and see if the motherboard is still active.If the problem still their and fortunatelly boot up once again i will update Bios and if not i will have to buy another motherboard. I really apreciate youre help and please keep this site running as long as you can cause it helps a lot !!! .Thanks once again. ciao!!
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