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    Here is my brain teaser I am stuck on....Only one of the cheerleaders at Ashland High has brought a pet to the game. The pets that aren't here are a tarantula, a llama, an iguana, and a pig. THe cheerleaders' names are Tori, Tom, Tad, Tish and Tara. THeir ages are 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18. Which cheerleader owns the poodle, and how old is she or he.
    Tad is 4 years older than Tara.
    Tish hates dogs and TOm hates pigs.
    Tom's mom won't allow a large pet.
    Tara owns the iguana.
    Tad is afraid of arachnids
    Tori is oder than Tom
    Tara does not own the pig.
    Tori is allergic to dogs.
    Tish is 2 years younger than Tori
    Tad is 1 year older than the tarantula owner
    The pig owner is 3 years older than the llama owner
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    That's a puzzle of this type. I suppose that drawing a diagram like on this page (sorry, it's not in English, but I hope you get the idea of the diagram) is the easiest way to solve. It enables you to just tick off the impossibilities, and in the end the correct combinations will remain (I wonder why there is no such diagram on the English page by the way).
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    I tried to make a diagram, but still can't come up with the answer. I get that Tara has the iguana, and Tom probably has the tarantula, but I keep getting it all confused.
  5. i get the poodle owner is tom,of 16years.

    i found it easy to get their ages, from first line and 3rd from bottom - "tish 2yr younger than tori"
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    Thanks so much for the help. I don't know why I get these things all twisted around.
  7. i also got taht Tom owned the Poodle and he was 16. i found this puzzle quite simple. thanx 4 da chance 2 help. Xox Babi Boo o:)
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