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Help with Calbi-Yau spaces

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    I'm new to this string theory, but from what I've read (The Elegant Universe and a few papers), I realize that a good knowledge of the string theory requires a strong understanding of these Calbi-Yau spaces. Being a sophomore in college, I don't yet posess the mathematical abilities to fully comprehend what the formulas in the papers I've read mean; so they are pretty much useless to me. Apart from being a plank size bundle of spatial dimensions, I really have not a clue of what Calbi-Yau spaces are. Apart from the 4 dimensions we live in, I really don't know where to begin on understanding the other 7. If anyone can help me understand Calbi-Yau spaces, that would be great.
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    To me, one trys to encapsulate all of the following.

    M Theory represents eleven dimensions, as a bubble? :smile: That's me though. Pelastrian has a very similar perspective :smile: All of the physics we know is in there.


    One would have to understand how the symmetry arises in the equations?
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    I would advise not to begin by this technical subject. I am not sure it that important any more.

    Do you know the recent : "A First Course in String Theory" Barton Zwiebach, Cambridge University Press 2004 ? http://titles.cambridge.org/catalogue.asp?isbn=0521831431
    I am not a specialist, but I would advise to begin by this, IMHO very good and up-to-date introductory text.
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