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Help with chemistry 2 maths

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    Ok hard for me to admit this but Im having an amazing amount of difficulty with the algebra in chem2. Is there a book or website that someone can recomend where I can continualy grind out those equasions while I wait to retake it next semester? Im never gonna have an eureka moment with algebra so all I know to do is grind it out till I memorize the steps and be happy that I get a B in the bloody mess of red marks. I dont mind paying either as long as the source dosnt assume that the student has a great grasp of algebra because I never will. My particular issues are from equilbrium through acid-base eq to thermodynamics. Before and after im gravy!

    Thanks in advance.
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    One of the best sites for learning basic algebra:


    What you said is troubling though, because if you just memorize the steps you won't get anywhere. This website is pretty helpful in a lot of areas, so check out their video tutorials in whatever you feel you need help with. Keep in mind though, you need to understand what's going on when you do math at any level, otherwise you won't be able to solve a more complex problem when you come to it. This should help you understand the basics though, especially on the fundamental level required for application in chemistry.
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    TYVM! Yeah I dont know what to do about my math skillz except drill. I understand whats happening but seems like im just dyslexic when it comes to algebra. The answer just never comes out right.
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    The only way to learn it is to keep looking over the rules, and practice as much as possible. I know it's a pain in the ***, but you really do need to know algebra, and not just for school. Hopefully that link can help you out though!
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