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Help with choosing a topic for my religion paper

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    Well.. I need to write a paper about a topic on religion and social and ethical issues regarding religion. I've thought about writing about the practice of baptism in the Adventist Church and other denominations. Not sure about that yet. The proposal is due next week and I'm running behind on compiling my preliminary bibliography. Anyway... any ideas?
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    Why, hello Chem818 and welcome to physicsforums... what a freaky avatar you have.

    to spout off ideas at you:

    *the adventist church in germany supported adolf hitler... at first. perhaps, writing a paper on the history of that and how and why they changed their minds later on (if they did at all.. which i think they did, but im not sure.- well, hey! find out! ha.) and the ethical or unethical implications of it all etc.

    *an analysis on the current events in iraq from a religious(christian) and ethical perspective?

    *the problem of evil?

    well. the possibilities are endless.

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    The future of religion?
    The current trends regarding extremism and moderatism?
    The beginning of organised religion?
    Should religion change?
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    I propose a study entitled:

    'Religious freedom vs Social accountability - getting the balance'

    taking a historical view right up to and quoting recent news articals concerning the various conflicts that have arisen between the two. For your conclusion discuss the stances your society has taken and why.

    Just the good old idea factory:)
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    why don,t you write about the struggles of the Jehovah's Witnesses in order to get theie freedom or you can write on the impact of Eurpoean Trade after Martin Luther expressed his thoughts.
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