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Help with Circuits

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    I am new to circuits analysis; just wanted to confirm I am doing this problem right:

    The partial circuit is attached to this post.

    Is V oc equal to the voltage across the current source?

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    yeah, but as drawn, that resistor has no current, and thus no voltage drop. once it stops being a partial circuit and is attached to other things, then that will change.
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    I guess I should have made it more clear. This is a problem in which we are supposed to find the Thevenin equivalent. I had omitted redrawing the circuit on the farthest left of the diagram ( which is shown by dotted lines). The farthest right of the circuit (where Voc is shown) is supposed to be V Th. Do I still need to count the resistor to the right of the current source in my calculation? I thought there is no current floeing through that resistor since it is an open circuit situation?
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    You're right about Voc, sorry for the misinformation. Voc is the same as the voltage across the current source. The resistor does need to be counted in the Rth calculation, though. I deleted my previous post so I wouldn't confuse anyone else. Thanks for straightening me out Proton Soup. :biggrin:
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