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Homework Help: Help with complex friction problem

  1. Oct 27, 2005 #1
    Help with complex circular motion + friction problem

    The scenario is this:
    You are in a car that is at rest in a circle of radius r. The car then accelerates to some max speed v. There is also friction that restricts the car to the max speed. At what angle is the max speed v reached? (calculus is involved)
    I am stuck in a bind since you can't use any of the kinematics equations
    This is what I did so far:
    A^2 = a_tan^2 + a_rad^2
    a = sqrt( (v^2/r)^2 + (dv/dt)^2)
    F_net = m( sqrt( (v^2/r)^2 + (dv/dt)^2)
    I am NOT looking for the answer, just some pointers on how to proceed.
    Thanks in advance
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    Sorry, here is the latex of my work:
    [tex]A=\sqrt( (v^2/r)^2+ (\dot {v})^2 )[/tex]
    [tex]F_{net} = m*\sqrt( (v^2/r)^2+ (\dot {v})^2 )[/tex]
    Any ideas on how to proceed would be appreciated
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    Solved this on my own. Mods please delete

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