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Help with Computer Problems

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    My CD_RW drive died last week and I just bought a new one. I made it the master, and the CD rom the slave. Since doing this the drive names have changed letters. I assume that is a normal thing. But also now my computer no longer recognises any imaging devices connected to my USB ports, including my mums new digital camera. Naturally this is really annoying. Do you think it is related to the altering of the CD-ROM/CD-RW master/slave relationship? Or is it unrelated? I think its unrelated, but not entirely convinced.
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    My USB scanner is picky about USB ports. If you plug it into a different port than what it is first plugged into it will cease working on any port. Really annoying and I've never been able to fix it without a re-install of windows.
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    Pauly, why not just tank the cdrom? You can use the writer as your normal cdrom. I have a writer and a dvdrom and never set any master/slave stuff. Just hook them to the IDE cables and power cables and away you go.
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    Thanx for the replies guys. Uni finishes next week, so I'll have time to have a long hard look at the problem.
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    If he needs to make CD copies, tho, he'll want the CD-ROM in as well. Pain to write an image to your HD just to copy the CD...

    If you have the drives jumpered as cable select, then you can just hook em up and they'll figure out the master/slave for ya. But you can't have two masters/two slaves, or it'll fail to detect either.

    I agree with Russ on the USB. Mine have always been finicky as well.

    What OS are you running? You can try and force it to scan for the devices, as well as check and see if it detected any of them with errors. There is a REMOTE chance that the CD-RW driver is conflicting with the USB device.
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    I'm running Win XP.

    I've got the camera working now. :smile:

    I'll work on the scanner nextw eek, when i've got some free time.
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    I'd check for XP drivers from the manufacturers for all devices; then I'd check for IRQ and HW Address conflicts.

    (edit: added below)
    P.S. Master/Slave or Cable-Select for the drives shouldn't matter, although I have historically found setting the Master/Slave jumpers more reliable than the Cable-Select.
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