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Homework Help: Help with conceptual questions

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    Hi all,

    I'm a little confused in answering these quantum physics based questions, as in order to give an answer I must support it with physics concepts. Here are they are:

    1. What experiment confirms that light is radiated and absorbed in discrete amounts? Explain briefly how the experiment works and the theory behind it.

    2. When light is passed through two narrow openings, an interference pattern happens. How does this support the wave theory of light, and why is this such a big deal when this is compared with the photoelectric effect?

    3. Based on "factual" evidence, give three examples of how the Universe works that seem bizarre in terms of our common sense.

    My approach to the problems: I'm not a physics major and the course I'm taking is not on advanced physics. Thus, all that my instructor did was showing us a video from the internet on the double-slit experiment and a cartoon about a guy called Dt Quantum. It was a good video.. but it only gives you insights on concepts and not the actual concepts themselves. Anyways, I am not sure if the double-slit experiment would be a possible answer, as right now it's hard for me to make any sense out of it and find the theory behind it.

    Hope to acquire some knowledge from some of you,

    Thank you
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    how about using google, or the library. Then try to formulate answers to the questions yourself, and write them here, and someone will check them.

    You have to do the hard work yourself, and we help you. This is how things works here.
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    I was looking from some direct help as (since I already check my book and the internet) even if I read the information, it is all explain in a very specific language, which makes it very hard for me to understand what its meaning. I believe I misunderstood the forum policies.

    Thank you anyways
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    You might google things like: light quanta, photoelectric effect, and young's double slit experiment. for 1 and 2. Three is harder. Strange Universe may get you somewhere.
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