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Homework Help: Help with Conductance

  1. Sep 28, 2004 #1
    I have this question whihc is confusing me on Conductance. The Question is Paper uniformly coated with graphite can be electrically conducting. A strip of the coated paper is 10mm wide and 250mm long has a resistance of 2KO (ohms). Sggest dimensions for a strip with conductance 1mA V-1 (little -1 above V, sorry can't remember the name for that :frown: )

    Okay this is what I know already which could help me. Conductance is increased with the length of wire (strip) and decreased with the width.

    Thanks for your help. :smile:
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    I think you're looking for this:
    [tex]\frac {G_1}{G_2} = \frac {L_2}{L_1} \frac {W_1}{W_2}[/tex]
    You have the relationships backward. Conductance will decrease with increasing length and increase with increasing length, assuming constant temperature.
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    Thankyou. I was thinking of Resistance then which is the other way round.
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