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Help with Conversion

  1. Oct 8, 2007 #1
    How do you get 200km/h to m/s? Do you just times that by 3.6?
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    because to cancel out KM into M u must multiply by 1000, and to turn hours into seconds you must divide by 3600... therefore you must divide km/h by 3.6 to turn something into m/s
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    km/h * 1000m/1km * 1h/3600s = m/s
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    The idea is to carry the units along in the equations, and cancel out m/m and h/h as you go. You can multiply anything by 1, right? and 1000m/1km = 1. So multiply your original quantity by whatever form of "1" has the right ratio of units to get you closer to the answer that you want. Make sense?
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