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Help with Cryptography

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    Hope everything is going fine with all of you;

    I hold a Bsc in communications and electronics engineering and a Diploma in Information security;

    I want to study cryptography, and I decided to have a Msc in Maths for this reason;

    Kindly, if you can recommend what books to read and what prerequisites I must have before applying

    Thanks for your cooperation in advance
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    Prerequisites are based on what grad school you plan to attend. I'm pretty sure all will require you to have taken the general GRE and most will ask that you have taken the math subject GRE as well.
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    First, thanks for your reply;

    but, I think I wasn't clear;

    I just wants to know what mathematics prerequisite shall be requested, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, number theory, this kind of stuff;

    and if you or any respective member would recommend some mathematics and cryptography book, it shall be so helpful to me
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    Certain schools would also be more willing to accommodate (i.e, allow you to catch up on the required courses) than others. I understand that the Open University has such facilities?

    The Chennai Mathematical Institute looks like a viable option in that one can apply to their MSc course in spite of an engineering background. The caveat, though, is that one must be able to pass their entrance exam, which I can imagine is quite challenging. (judging by their undergraduate entrance exam)
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