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Homework Help: Help with D'Arcy's

  1. Jul 6, 2009 #1

    me again sorry.

    i have a problem to solve finding the head differance between two reservoirs connected by a pipe.

    i have to use D'Arcy's equation to solve this.

    the only data i have is the flow rate, the pipe length and diameter. i also have the pipe roughness in mm but i don't have the frictional coefficient or any pressures in the pipe or reservoirs.

    i have searched the net and books i have access to and to find the Frictional coefficient i seem to need pressures.

    am i missing something or can this problem not be solved with out additional information?

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    The problem can be solved. You do not need pressurse to find frictional coefficient; perhaps you are forgetting your Moody diagram?

    Give it a try and show your work and from there we can guide you through the rest.
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