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Help with Diode

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    What I'm tring to do is connect FAN 2 Wiring (673 DKBLU 2nd picture top diagram) to
    The Auto pole of the AUTO/ON/OFF switch so I can manually activate the FAN if needed.

    I'm a little confused since in the 2nd pic, I dont see a Negative side to the coil on the relay.
    Can/will this work?
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    The fan relays are "grounded" by the PCM. In other words, A10 and A11 are working like switches that connect the relays to the negative side of your source.
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    I would connect:
    A10 to the AUTO side of the switch
    Ground to the ON side of the switch
    The feed lead to the Negative side of the Coil

    Is this correct?
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    Yes. That's the way it looks to me.
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