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Help with discrete Mathematics

  1. Nov 4, 2012 #1

    I have an argument and I have to prove the validity of all possible ways.

    I have proved by logical implication, tautology, contradiction and contrapositive, but the problem is reduced to prove the hypothesis by logical equivalences and implications.

    The reasoning is as follows:

    [P->(L->M)]^L^M -> ¬P

    I've tried to do the following:

    [P-> (L-> M)] ^ L ^ M

    <=> [(P ^ L) -> M] ^ L ^ M {Export}

    <=> (¬ ¬ P v L v M) ^ L ^ M {Involvement and Morgan}

    From here not continue, and I've tried other ways and always came to the same and not continue.

    Could anyone help me out?

    Thanks! ;)
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