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Help with editing

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    Is there any document giving help with editing on the Physics Forum sites. Presumably Latex editing is available using [TEX] and [/TEX]?
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    We are actually in the process of developing an extensive latex guide.
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    Excellent news Greg

    Such a document would be really helpful

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    In the meantime you can see the LaTeX source for any equation by clicking on it in a certain way. Under Mac OS with a one-button mouse, I control-click, then choose "Show Source" from the resulting popup menu. I don't know how this works under Windows with a "normal" mouse.
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    For windows, you can right click on the equations and select "Show Source" and you will get a window popped up showing the code for the equation. :smile:
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    As of now check https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=386951 [Broken]. Note there is a nasty mistake at the very beginning of the pdf file - tex tags should be always closed with [/tеx].
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    The new LaTeX guide has been posted. It's a sticky in the feedback forum. Link.
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    Thanks Fredrik, micromass, Redbelly98, and vela for putting this together. :smile:
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